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Transparency beyond expectation: inside information

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DISCLAIMER: There is a reason why this is 20 minutes. I have pulled all three parts together. Everything you need to know in one sitting and I leave no room for 1) gray areas 2) assumptions and/or 3) misinterpretations. Also, with this 20 minutes, questions…

This is a brief article of a great academic viewpoint if a person wants to be safe. There are links & pictures in here! To include a quotation from the president & many doctors. What were my experiences overseas? How was I trained for biological warfare?

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First Off

Q: Why is this important? A: This article is months of research, years of experience, and weeks of writing that you, the reader, get to read in a few minutes. Most people just don’t have the time and so did not do any research before they voted in their county…

It’s just not apparent to those it’s not apparent to

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The concept or point behind Karen is this definition:

A woman who is not socially competent and is aggressive in non-aggressive situations: unhealthy aggression, inappropriate, and abnormal behavioral responses with normal life situations.

The male version is:


Any questions?

Okay fine. So, a woman who has an unhealthy balance is “jumpy”, overcontrolling, and unhappy; and a man who has an unhealthy life…

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