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Writer, CEO of a nonprofit and for Coach Lyon LLC. I love psychological sciences, humor, economics, family/relationship science, & business.

This is just me, but it might answer why your “man” pulled away from you, too.

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In one situation, it’s not that he wanted to pull away. It’s that you and he never magnetized — that natural connection that makes him want to talk to you all day, but has enough self-control to stay focused on work at the same time.

Without that organic connection, he…

They never said not share your previous hands you played

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Who is the digital me?

Check it

  • Military
  • Mental Health
  • Business
  • Consulting
  • Writing, published
  • Computer skills
  • 3 months in sales
  • Percussion, triangle & wood block
  • Sarcasm every 4th word
  • 84 stories on Medium and I have 0 content cringe or any content-locating problems

My comprehensive and complex story

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Hi. I’m Josh. A few things that pop out about me wherever I go are that I am very courteous and respectful. And analytical — sometimes I loose people in conversation. Actually lost talking to a girl with a master’s degree in counseling because of…

From a real life angle

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Let’s get right into this! This will be fun! A lot of us grew up with adults giving us “lessons” from the Lion King movie story. I am here to bust the bubble they all put over our heads. I wish I was not manipulated…

How division enters our lives

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The other day I thought about division and realized that I never wrote about division yet. We all have heard about division in family, in marriage, and in politics and schools. …

That’s why I’m considering leaving the mental health field, altogether

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Allow me to explain.

First off,

  • this is my own experience and does not intend to represent, but probably still does, the experiences of everyone else
  • I am not referring to the company I work for, this goes far beyond the company that signs my paychecks. …

We work with individuals with mental and physical disabilities obtain and sustain work

We do this by:

  • completing 30 intake paperwork pages right off the bat by everyone who they will say “hi” to. If you say “hi” to someone in the hallway, they now have to complete an intake and a clinical note on you
  • I will then complete a 30–45 minute…

(Yes, I watched the whole 1 hour feed from Fox 10. That’s how my life is going right now)

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Here are the Highlights of the most interesting car chase I’ve watched:

  • Whole chase caught on Fox 10’s helicopter
  • Fox 10 Female Anchor 1: “Not to quote Donald Trump, but this makes you want to punch someone in the face”
  • Suspects doing donuts in the streets of Hollywood (as seen in the above image)
  • Female Anchor 2: “They’re on their phones”. Female…

Here’s what that day was like

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

To begin, the 5 stories were of different genres and had nothing to do with the others. No piggybacking off one another. And none of my stories were the result of collaborations. I’m not against collaborating one bit and would if 1) someone wanted…

Two notes before I begin:

  • I will write this in the first person so you can see the words play out in the first person. And it was easier written this way.
  • Disclaimer: Personal freedom comes after the emotional battle.

Let’s do this! Take a good meditation breath — relax…

Joshua J. Lyon

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