J & J (Jessica & Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, ACNP)
J & J (Jessica & Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, ACNP)


I am a BSQP (Mental Health Qualified Professional), CNP (Certified Nonprofit Professional), and a non-profit ED.

I work with military servicemembers and families in a PsychoNeuroBiological approach. I write short stories, 5x published. I love psychological sciences, economics, family/relationship science, computer science, & business. I am a combat veteran.

Previously I have worked in insurance, in mental health group homes, and worked as Supported Employment Professional for dual-diagnosis individuals. The longest research project I have done was 55 pages, including interviews, events, and research.


~ Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling student at Liberty University

~ Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Criminal Psychology at Liberty University ~ United States Army Military Police Academy

~ Noncommissioned Officer Academy: Warrior Leader Course

~ Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certified Nonprofit Professional Course


I work in the accounting office of a great company! Before that, I worked 13 years at a credit union, reaching manager.

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Restore the Family: Military Transitions

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J & J (Jessica & Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, ACNP)

J & J (Jessica & Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, ACNP)

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She's an Accountant & he is an MA in Counseling student at Liberty U, has a BS in Criminal Psychology, is a Mental Health Worker, Combat Veteran, & Writer