This is my first day of Medium and second day reading Medium. Truly enjoy it.

Accomplishing nothing to building something all began when I integrated LinkedIn and starting college as an “adult student” of 24 years old. It, this business vibe, couldn’t be tamed or derailed. Accomplishing nothing began in childhood, adolescent’ed (I think I created a French word) in middle school, and accomplishing nothing matured in the military. Learned a great many do-not’s of life in the military, first hand, and after-the-fact. Harry Potter’s magic apparently, maybe evidently, is how people learn things after high school. If that was not true, I learned it too late.

Now we are going to fast forward to keep this positive and with great momentum. Once the business ball began rolling, the reality of my constant/consistent situation kept flattening like a tire with a hole. Learned something new, found out successful young adults at 19 already knew my new revelations when I was 25. I was so behind the ball of my age group. No joke, I found all the Easter eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt — that were already opened and the plastic shells discarded. It was not until I realized it was not about being first, it was just about being on the correct track. Statistics show most young couples met in college, and I did online college… Really! Why did no one tell me only married people and teens are in online college? The knowledge you, those of you who are reading this, have many people need. “Cannot add 2+2 if only one 2 has been found” (sentence from my upcoming book in the year 2067 titled JMIA, have an excerpt of the book on its correlating Facebook page). I searched for relationship where relationship was not asked for. That was an empty Easter egg.

So, here we are. At the business front lines. I see the war. It is so confusing. A billion things I do not know and know full well I cannot just run into it. Would I run empty of ammo? Of course. Over the past four years I’ve learned many things; more things than I have learned my entire life. Let’s review — and I need participation from you professionals. “Do not be a jack-of-all-trades, but qualified in one specialty” I have went from Military Police, to small-time writer and Youth Care Worker (attempting to be accepted in clinical psychology), to now balancing developing a nonprofit business, writing, and finding new work in community development/empowerment, family science, or writing. Next, “Be relevant where you are”, finding empty Easter eggs is not a real good confirmation that I was relevant, only that I could have been, right? Next, “After you incorporate a nonprofit, kick-start it with a banging fundraiser and email blast”, that’s that Harry Potter stuff. Some nonprofit founders used their dog as an incorporating officer. With $0, there is no fundraiser. “Know the most about the company you are applying to than any other applicant”, what if you applied to 30 jobs and currently work two jobs? “In every interview, have pre-planned questions for the interview board, be polished from hair (or head if you are bald) to toe, act as if you already work there and are just fighting to get a promotion, direct specific questions to individuals by name, and be ready for the unexpected questions”, unless you came from a broken home or are slower due to an impairment and have not found those empty Easter egg shells yet. “Always have a cover letter for each application above entry level”, the Army ACAP (military-civilian transition program) only helped me compose a three page resume that looks like a terribly written essay, with party animals, people who only know my last name, and desert minks as references. “Failure is a part of maturity”. “Be ready before you need to be, start now”. “Aim to be the lease intelligent person in the room”, when most only see the “class clown” or military soldier with many badges on his chest marrying the best person the trainee has seen thus far in their life, not knowing what happens behind the curtain — that those individuals have a mentor group where they are the least intelligent.

Building something. “…and don’t forget your eBook to help those that come after you”, YES! with humility, of course. Finally found an Easter egg with with practical matter inside, because the nonprofit being developed has not been incorporated yet. So, I have begun my eBook. It feels good, excellent even, to having been told something before I needed it. That principle is what the nonprofit is all about. The Company’s name Restore the Family: Military Transitions has been reserved and we have just enough people to incorporate, June 1st is the goal. Now it is time to get professionals to come alongside and thread us into the Traid, NC (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point area). And transition from volunteer to employment. From $0 to salary for our Research & Employment Consultants.

Am I ready to step foot into the war? Well, currently I have been told to make sure the corporation has money to start the fundraiser… Ha! Freaking Harry Potter. Well, let’s do this. I’ll learn along the way, there are teens and veterans that actually need us. Restore the Family: Military Transitions is your #1 bridge to enter the military and to exit the military. Army ACAP, get ready. It is one of my incentives to replace you. Give me three months like Army ACAP to get servicemen and women ready and they will be. A soldier cannot get another soldier ready for the corporate world. Sorry; not sorry. I’ve seen Special Operators enter the corporate world, but I’m not one to fall for the outlier circumstances.

“22 a day”. Average 22 veteran suicides a day. Ready for your empty Easter egg? We don’t have that many Combat Veterans. Bad transitions are perpetrating more suicide than combat struggles, I’m waiting for that statistic to come out. Psychologists may be too busy at the moment. In the meantime, I’ll be working. My next step is figuring out how to public speak well with no true experience and being scared to death. I’ll get there. Because I have to. Also, I’ll be attending the CNP credential course this summer and by January I will have “CNP” behind my name. Wish me fun.

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“Love. Lead. Learn. So the next generation can be holy, happy, and healthy in mind, body, and spirit” (Child of a King, part 4: War Unhinged. 2019 (Upcoming publishing). Joshua J. Lyon. Amazon book series).

Love. Lead. Learn.



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Jessica Lyon & Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, CNP (J & J)

Accounts Office Worker & husband: Liberty Univ. Master of Arts in Counseling (2025), Bachelor in Criminal Psychology, mental health worker, MP Veteran, & writer