Let’s Talk Smallpox, Vaccines, and Babies

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It’s Lunchtime.

Here was my response to a friend in our discussion on the topic — and feel free to add to the dialogue in the comments:

First Point: How Most Things Started Out

Many things in medicine started out in ways we do not wish to know. This even goes into military and counterintelligence interrogations. Although *_________* component originally began by using aborted babies, whatever component that is in the lung wall was first found out from stillborn babies, I can almost guarantee it. That is what I believe to be true. But, doctors, biologists, and researchers are not going to say “no” to something given to them if it has been legalized. There are hundreds of lenses out there to look through, most of them take knowledge or the Holy Spirit. There is no way that someone goes through literally 10,000 different research variations through unethical and illegal means and does not go bankrupt — someone has been watching too many movies. Okay, yes, .08% still exists and is not your local hospital, that is like holding your family to the standard of never sinning because .08% is like 1 sin a year. Most of abortion is done through pills and chemicals, where you would not use the aborted baby tissue anymore — you know, chemicals have invaded now. To build a vaccine or NyQuil every chemical thread has to be calculated and the pill to end tissue reproduction is not what you want in your NyQuil. Or the technicians use the vacuum that you seen in the movie Unplanned. So, by now in 2020 they would have isolated the component found in the lung wall of that original caucasian male baby and duplicated it just like they do for vitamins, too.

Side note for this point: If you know what component I am talking about and you bring up that Google said it was “originally from abortion”, please know I can read and comprehend English and I said I don’t believe it.

Second: Vaccines

A covid vaccine is unnecessary because we have NyQuil. In 2021 the makers of NyQuil are probably going to make a NyQuil-C for covid which will have other immune supported stuff like Vitamin C and will be more focused on fever, but they are waiting until part of the government stops being weird or when Christians attain every seat once again (what a dream that would be if every leader had biblical values! God forbid we teach that little detail).

Third: Science & Reasoning Behind Vaccines in the First Place

I had a Smallpox vaccine in the military. The purpose behind vaccines and other forms of medicine is using a “dead virus” which is not actually dead, not sure what doctors call it, but it’s not normal, let’s say that. Which reacts the white blood cells the same as if the virus was “alive” or active — yes, sometimes the virus isn’t dead and you get sick. Even symptoms will be present many times when the virus is dead — as seen in the Flu vaccine. Symptoms do not mean a person has it just as no symptoms does not mean someone doesn’t have it — it’s a virus… middle school education… And just because a vaccine is out there does not mean you need it either. With Smallpox, the reason the military gets it is because we might run into it in our ventures and Smallpox is not a cold or covid. And when we got it in Basic Training, it was not no “dead” virus, let me tell you, ha-ha. At my age with my immune system, covid is just cold jr. For those who have antibodies for the cold and are older, but still is affected more by a cold than myself, a new cold virus will be worse for them initially, yes. But, if they live it should be just another cold for them, too. A vaccine is meant for something that is lethal and without the vaccine you will die. Whether it is a person with conditions that a small thing like allergies will end their life or it is a bad disease like Marburg and Ebola.

With that said, if something outrageous happens and not a normal reaction, I bet you took a vaccine. Here is my published take on medicine and CBD: https://joshualyon74.medium.com/witchcraft-doctors-yoga-theology-7c1b62d4a502

Last thought. If you deny your blood cells a virus. One of two things need to happen. 1: the virus needs to die. I can see why we would want the Zombie virus to die, but covid ain’t that. Or 2, you have to wear a GAS mask, not a stupid cloth, for the rest of your life. You do you, though. But, you will never mandate to me to wear a gas mask for a cold. Iceland is nice a country and I can be a military advisor over there, ha-ha. I value intelligence and what God has already established. I don’t plan on adding to His word. I do not believe the Holy Spirit will tell you 2+2=6, if so, why did Jesus say not to test physics? I guess Jesus was wrong. It’s either you are wrong or Jesus, declare what you are shown. Tell NASA to change up their math, too. Tell the makers of Oxygen for Oxygen Tanks to not worry too much about the details. In marriage counseling, tell the spouses not to worry too much about communication and see how long that relationship will last — oh and that biology is merely a guideline.

If you are still here, email me and you have a chance to be given page to advertise in one of my Amazon stories. CoachLyon@rtfmt.org




I love psychological sciences, humor, economics, family/relationship psychology, & business. Small companies CEO. Creative writer, no BS. www.rtfmt.org

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Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, CNP

Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, CNP

I love psychological sciences, humor, economics, family/relationship psychology, & business. Small companies CEO. Creative writer, no BS. www.rtfmt.org

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